About Wicc It Candles

Our Candles are Inspirational Healing Candles that are uniquely handcrafted, infused with natural herbs, crystals, and flowers. Each candle coordinates with it's color to enhance the experience of setting your own personal INTENTIONS!

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    Herbs are plants with fragrant or aromatic properties. Herbs have been used for many years to treat and accommodate many medical conditions. However, we have found using herbs in candles just as beneficial. All Wicc It Candles are infused with or contain natural herbs to help with personal "Intention Setting", while improving mood, and reducing stress. While herbs are rich in antioxidants, we use herbs for its scent and therapeutic properties.


    Crystals are known for helping your mind and body get rid of negative energy and replacing it with a good flow of positive energy, and spiritual healing which provides for physical and emotional benefits.This by positively connecting with your body's energy field, or chakra. Using crystals can increase the productivity of the body during spirtual growth and healing.


    Wicc It Candles are Inspirational Healing Intention candles, which are used to manifest desires and wishes. "Setting Intentions" is a way to bring your dream life into reality by connecting with Higher Power! The thought is already incorporated into the candle, all candles are personally made with Intentions of it's meaning. Therefore, when each candle is lit, your personal intentions are illuminated. Once meditated on, the message is released into the Universe. Meditating or Manifesting with an Intentional Candle can be rather powerful when doing the work!!